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Tanzania Visa not-required | Get not-required-visa-online: Tanzania Visa Status Enquiry can be used to know Visa Status. Application ID can be seen on your receipt issued by Tanzania Mission/Agent where you have submitted your application


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Tanzania Visa support: Our Agency aims is to help individuals and legal entities in their administrative travel document and paperwork to enter Tanzania, 24/365 Customer Care & Support. Receive document via email, no need to deal with the embassy. We do it for you so you don't lose valuable time.

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Tanzania Visa on Arrival: It is a electronic authorization granted by a Tanzania Immigration to a eligible foreign nationals, allowing them entering the Tanzania, remain within, or to leave the country. Is a type of travel document that must be obtained upon arrival at a border entry checkpoint in either Tanzania or Zanzibar. Types of Tanzania visa: Single Tourist visa for 30 days, Multiple Entry visa for 90 days, business visa, Transit visa and Referral Visa. Simplified procedure to visitors from worldwide.

www.visa-tanzania.com, a standard travel agency we passionately focus on the world tourism segments of this industry. We bring international resorts and tourist destinations onto the World Wide Tourism industry. We use our marketing resources to define a new niche in the global tourism market. Our professional travel assistance services include: support and submission of your visa application to the country immigration, providing information regarding application status and results via email or similar types of communication.

www.visa-tanzania.com is not affiliated with the Tanzania Government, If you prefer, you may also present your application directly on the website of the Tanzania Embassy. www.visa-tanzania.com aims is to help individuals and legal entities in their administrative travel document and paperwork to enter Republic Tanzania. The prices charged €115, €135.00 or €165, covers the costs for the immigration services (€50, €75 and €100 depending on the type of eVisa selected) as well as the help and assistance of eVisa Tanzania for the duration of this e-Visa.

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Other related information for applying for a Tanzania tourist visa:

Tanzania Visa and COVID-19 PCR test

Quarantine Requirements

If you test positive for COVID-19 on arrival, you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. You should comply with any additional screening measures.

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Tanzania visa on arrival
Obtain a Visa on Arrival in Tanzania

The Tanzania tourist visa on arrival must be paid at the border and usually costs approximately USD 50, although it can cost up to USD 100.